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Agricultural Economics
Fox, Sean
Designation Professor
On Campus Address : 218 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone(s) : 785.532.4446
Fax : 785.532.6925
E-mail : seanfox@k-state.edu
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Area(s) of
: Consumer Economics
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With the advent of more technological food safety advancements and increasing legislative mandates, Sean Fox’s research will continue to grow in importance. Through surveys, non-hypothetical experiments, and retail trials, Fox measures and analyzes the costs and benefits of food safety regulations and technologies, consumers’ acceptability, and their willingness to pay. Recent research includes early determination of consumers’ response to technologies such as meat irradiation and genetic modification of grains, as well as animal disease events, such as mad cow disease.

B.S. Agricultural Science, University College Dublin, Ireland, 1989
Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University, 1994