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Agricultural Economics
Tonsor, Glynn
Designation Associate Professor
On Campus Address : 331-J Waters Hall Kansas State University Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone(s) : 785.532.1518
Fax : 785.532.6925
E-mail : gtonsor@k-state.edu
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Glynn Tonsor joined the K-State Agricultural Economics faculty as an Assistant Professor in March 2010. He obtained his Ph.D. from K-State in 2006 and was an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State University from May 2006 to March 2010. Tonsor’s current efforts are primarily devoted to a range of integrated research and extension activities with particular focus on the cattle/beef and swine/pork industries. His broader interests cover aspects throughout the meat supply chain ranging from production level supply issues to end-user consumer demand issues.