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Agricultural Economics
Briggeman, Brian
Designation Associate Professor, ACCC Director
On Campus Address : 305C Waters
Phone(s) : (785) 532-2573
E-mail : bbrigg@k-state.edu
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Brian Briggeman joined the faculty in fall 2011 as associate professor of agricultural economics and director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center. Briggeman earned his Bachelor’s degree in agribusiness from K-State in 2000. He received his Master’s degree in agricultural economics in 2002 from Texas A&M University. In 2006, he completed his Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Purdue University. Prior to K-State, Briggeman worked as an economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City - Omaha Branch. His research interests include agricultural finance, cooperative and agribusiness management, farm household decision making, and macroeconomics.

B.S. Agribusiness, Kansas State University, 2000
M.S. Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University, 2002
Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, 2006