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Business, food and agriculture, society, government, the natural environment have changed immensely in the past decade, and the pace of change is quickening.  Firms are under relentless competitive pressures not merely to reduce cost and add value but to predict and react to these changes, as well. To keep up with population growth, the world food supply will need to double in 50 years.  Government agencies need specialists trained in the economics of natural resources and environmental issues so that they may best advise policy makers.  Overseas agencies need to network with specialists who understand both the intricacies of international trade and also the importance of international development.  Universities need to fill positions from programs with track records of producing outstanding candidates.

The Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University is a leader in producing the talent to tackle these and many other issues. Our nationally-ranked graduate programs offer several options for students wishing to pursue a M.S., MAB or Ph.D. degree.


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Graduate students in the department were very active last year publishing 18 peer-reviewed articles and making 50 professional presentations. We are very proud of their accomplishments!

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Graduate Certificates

There are a variety of graduate certificates available at K-State if you are seeking to complement your coursework in the MS or PhD programs. Most of these are 12 to 15 credits of coursework. In some cases you will have already taken one or two of the courses that count toward the certificate. Graduate certificates on top of your degree can help to differentiate your work. 

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