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Animal Health Supply Chain Program
About the Program
The Animal Health Supply Chain Program (AHSCP) seeks to enhance the competitiveness of the animal health industry and its supply chain through two principle initiatives:
  • Providing professional development programs
  • Conducting industry-focused economic and strategy research and analysis
Founded within the department of agricultural economics at Kansas State University, AHSCP recognized the importance of connecting its mission directly with the Animal Health Corridor.  With the opening of the Kansas State University Olathe campus in April 2011, AHSCP found the ideal location to reinforce K-State’s commitment to the animal health industry right in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor.  
Through communication with industry and community stakeholders and professional development events and seminars (most notably the Animal Health Corridor Lecture Series), AHSCP works to identify strategies that enable the Animal Health Corridor to remain competitive in the global market.
Advisory Group
To be successful in our objective to contribute to the industry’s sustained competitive strategy, we have engaged a group of industry leaders to advise us and guide our programs to ensure relevance and currency.
If you are interested in being part of our advisory group, please contact Kara Ross, Program Leader, by phone at 785-532-3526 or by email at kross@agecon.k-state.edu.
Contact Us
If you would like more information about the Animal Health Supply Chain Program and its initiatives, including the Animal Health Corridor Lecture Series, please contact:
Kara Ross, Ph.D.
Program Leader
Animal Health Supply Chain Program
Department of Agricultural Economics
306 Waters Hall
Kansas State University
Phone:  785-532-3526
Email:  kross@agecon.k-state.edu